Website Terms and Conditions

thinkrun Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "the Company") defines the use of the Company's websites operated by the Company or by an agent of the Company (hereinafter "the Website") in accordance with the following terms and conditions (hereinafter "the Terms").
The Terms are intended to explain usage conditions and cautionary items for when customers use the Website. Customers are deemed as having agreed with the Terms when using the Website.

1. Trademarks and copyrights

All information contained on the Website is protected by the Copyright Act and other laws.
All rights related to this information belong to the Company, or the Company possesses appropriate usage rights.
Unauthorized downloading or copying of information on the Webpage by users for usage other than personal or non-profit purposes is prohibited by law.

2. Disclaimers

The Company makes absolutely no guarantee for the accuracy, recentness, usability, or any other aspect of information posted on the Website.
Also, at its own discretion, the Company may add, correct, or delete information disclosed on the Website without notifying users in advance.
The Company assumes absolutely no responsibility for any damage incurred by the customer due to addition, change, correction, deletion, etc. to information on the Website.

3. Links

The Company assumes absolutely no responsibility for websites other than the Website when linking a website from the Website or a third-party provides a link to the Website.
Setting of links to the Website is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the Company.

4. Liability

The Company assumes absolutely no responsibility for damage incurred by a user or a third-party due to change, interruption, suspension, cancellation or disposal of the Website, or damage related to any other website.
Furthermore, if a user inflicts damage on another party by using the Website, that user will resolve the issue at their own responsibility or expense, and no damage will be incurred by the Company.
If a user violates the Terms, or if the user inflicts damage on the Company due to misconduct or unlawful action, the Company will bill that user for a corresponding amount of compensation.

5. Applicable laws and court with jurisdiction

The Terms are based on Japanese law and will be interpreted based on Japanese law.
The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction with respect to all disputes arising with respect to the Terms.