Privacy Policy

Based on laws related to the protection of personal information and other related laws, regulations, etc., thinkrun Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "the Company") handles personal information as listed below. The Company strives to maintain the accuracy and confidentiality of personal information, and to use personal information appropriately.

1. Purpose of use for personal information

The purpose of use for personal information at the Company is as follows.
(1) Accepting, continuing, and maintaining contracts
(2) Providing information on products/services of the Company, supplying those products/services, and maintaining those products/services
(3) Providing information on Company business, administering Company business, and enhancing products/service
(4) Using within the scope required for employment screening during hiring
(5) Other administrative/business tasks related to and/or concomitant to Company business
The Company will use provided personal information within the scope required for the purposes listed above. The Company will not use personal information for any other purpose without consent from the individual.
*Please note that documents (resumes, academic records, etc.) submitted for employment screening cannot be returned.

2. Provision of personal information

Personal information provided by an individual will not be provided by the Company to a third party except when a request has been made by the individual or when required by law.

3. Secure management of personal information

Within the scope required to achieve the purposes of use listed in 1. above, the Company will strive to maintain the accuracy and timeliness of personal information from customers. Furthermore, the Company shall implement appropriate security procedures to protect the personal information of customers in accordance with laws, regulations, etc.
Also, when the purpose of use is classified as (4) above, the Company shall implement appropriate safety measures and retain/manage the personal information so that it is not leaked externally, etc.
After employment screening is finished, the Company will use an appropriate method to dispose of or delete the personal information.

4. Confirmation, correction, and deletion of personal information

If a customer requests confirmation for the contents or purpose of use for provided personal information, the Company shall promptly comply with that request upon confirming the identity of the individual, except in cases prohibited by law.
If confirmation indicates that the personal information is incorrect or requires change, the Company shall promptly correct, add to, or delete contents of the personal information in accordance with instructions from the customer.

Inquiries on the protection of personal information

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